• Juice in the City Redesign

    Client: Juice in the City

    Date: January - April 2010

    Description: Redesigned the website to be more welcoming and to be expandable to new features. Fixed a majority of the UI and UX issues with previous site.

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  • The Hartford

    Client: The Hartford

    Date: November - December 2009

    Description: Redesigned the homepage to look modern and simplistic while keeping the existing feel of the inside pages. Co-designed Catastrophe site.

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  • ACE Visualization App

    Client: ACE USA

    Date: January 2010

    Description: Designed a data-heavy visualization app for ACE that simplified a way for clients to get a quote before contacting an ACE representative.

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  • Transition Management

    Client: Barclays

    Date: September - November 2009

    Description: Designed calendar and co-designed other visuals for an application for Barclays. Hand-coded HTML and CSS template for contractor.

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  • adiZero Flash Banner

    Client: Adidas

    Date: June 2010

    Description: Screen captured video of Reggie Bush running and used Photoshop to clean up images. Added football uniform from single image to same stills for second half of animation.

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  • Job Rooster Application

    Client: Job Rooster

    Date: January - July 2010

    Description: Designed website and visuals and hand-coded HTML, CSS, and jQuery animations for the developers to implement.

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  • 12Stone Homepage

    Client: 12Stone Church

    Date: April 2009

    Description: A few designers were asked to submit a homepage redesign mockup. They really liked my design, but eventually decided to go with a local designer.

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  • Isis Ob/Gyn Redesign

    Client: Isis Ob/Gyn

    Date: March 2009

    Description: Website redesign of existing website and content. This was my first website geared towards a female audience.

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  • Chestatee Golf Club

    Client: Chestatee Golf Club

    Date: February 2009

    Description: Redesign of homepage. They wanted the site to relate to the feel of the mother site for resort where the course was located. Client backed out at last minute. Design was reused for another site.

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