• Memphis Garage Band Reunion

    Client: Alzheimer Day Services

    Date: April - May 2008

    Description: Designed a retro poster for a benefit concert. I used a vinyl record theme to play off the 60 - 70s garage band era.

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  • St. Patrick's Day Poster

    Client: Oden Culture Shock

    Date: March 2008

    Description: Quick poster design for Oden's event planners to remind collegues to wear green and also to announce Oden's St. Patrick's Day events.

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  • One Summer Postcard

    Client: 12Stone Church

    Date: June 2009

    Description: Designed an event postcard for 12Stone's singles group. They wanted a summer theme about driving with the top down and getting away for one summer.

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  • Lightbox Designs SF

    Client: Aegis Media

    Date: June 2010

    Description: Designed two large waterfall lightboxes and five smaller lightboxes representing the companies owned by Aegis Media for the lobby of the new office.

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  • Thursty? AIGA Banners

    Client: AIGA Memphis

    Date: March 2008

    Description: Created two email banners for the monthly Thursty event held by AIGA. The banners were design for the look and feel of the restaurant the event was held at.

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  • Various Logos

    Client: Various

    Date: Various

    Description: Various logos created for different clients over the years. Clients are labeled individually on each lightbox slide.

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